Investment tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when your finances.

Choosing a bank account can be challenge

There are many types of accounts, and each account comes with benefits

Sweep cash into savings

If you´re in the fortunate position to build cash up in your account…

Download your monthly bank statements

Your bank statements and bills are not make for exciting reading..

Download your monthly bank statements

Your bank statements and bills are not make for exciting reading..

Credit cards with cashback

Cashback credit cards pay you money every time you spend on them.

Be save with your personal details

Don´t use your full or partial Social Security number as a PIN, user ID or password…

Use your bank as an information resource

A good banker can be an excellent source of advice and information…

Do not be afraid to ask your bank for a break

Bounce a check for the first time ever?


ConsentID: mobile two-factor authentication, digital signing and consent.
ConsentID issues a trustworthy electronic identity to persons and organizations that need to be identified.

Easy to use

Authentication is possible through an intuitive, familiar app. The user can be anywhere and interact with the system as long as he has his phone or tablet.

Users´ privacy is protected

Users are in control of their information and decide who will get their details. The true identity of the person is not known in ConsentID.

100% Secure

Only the user knows the right PIN and secret credentials are stored on a private (mobile) device.

User freedom

Users can give their consent any where, any time on any device, 24/7. We have made it easy.

Quick deployment

ConsentID offers flexibility and cost savings for organizations that lack the resources to invest in systems and knowledge of multifactor authentication.

Easy Integration

ConsentID can easily be integrated with existing applications or infrastructures and can also be used in combination with an existing PKI

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