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Municipal taxes

Which information can you find on your municipal tax bill? And what do the charges and abbreviations mean? Read it here in the explanation

Personal account

Control all your municipal affairs from your personal account.

Your family health

The Municipal Health Department is responsible for safeguarding and improving public health in the region.

Mobile access

All information is also accessible by a mobile device.

Recycling and waste

Below you will find a selection from the catalogue of our online recycling and waste products and services for residents.

Parking permits

Do you have a parking permit for visitors? Then you will need to activate and deactivate your visitor's pass.

Coming prepared

It is important that you bring all of the necessary information with you to a pre-planned Municipal visit

Business portal

Control all your entrepreneurial and business affairs through our business portal.

ConsentID: mobile two-factor authentication, digital signing and consent.

ConsentID issues a trustworthy electronic identity to citizens and local businesses that need to be identified.

Easy to use

Authentication is possible through an intuitive, familiar app. The user can be anywhere and interact with the system as long as he has his phone or tablet.

Easy integration

ConsentID can easily be integrated with existing governmental applications or infrastructures and can also be used in combination with an existing PKI.

Quick deployment

ConsentID offers flexibility and cost savings for organizations that lack the resources to invest in systems and knowledge of multifactor authentication.

Citizen's privacy is protected

Citziens are in control of their information and decide who will get their details. The true identity of the citizen is not known in ConsentID.

100% Secure

Only the user knows the right PIN and secret credentials are stored on a private (mobile) device.

User freedom

Users can give their consent any where, any time on any device, 24/7. We have made it easy.


We are working on providing translations of all the relevant products and services for international residents.

Scheduling an Appointment

For all your city counsil requests you can schedule a return or follow up appointment here

City district offices

Each city district has a district office. You are welcome to visit any of the 8 district offices, regardless of where you live.

Report overdue maintenance on rental home

Homes must meet certain requirements to be allowed to live in it. Does your home maintenance backlog and this is not (in time) corrected by the owner? Please report it to the municipality.

Tax payment scheme

Are you not able to pay the municipal taxes within the stipulated time indicated on the assessment notice? And is a direct debit not an option for you? A payment scheme might be possible.

Stay up to date

If you would like to stay informed about local news and events, subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter.

Report dangerous traffic situations

Do you see a dangerous intersection or a crosswalk dangerous? Report this to the municipality.